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Become a Sponsor

The Fiveways Artists Group were the first to open their houses to the public in 1981. Their objective was to promote a beneficial and inspiring relationship between local artists and their community.

The Open Houses enable people to experience art in their own locality. Art can be seen in the context of a home rather then a gallery, giving people the opportunity to meet the artists and discuss their work.

The Fiveways group have shown that art need not be elite or superfluous to everyday life. The group have demonstrated that art can be accessible and challenging to the viewer and maker and is integral to all aspects of our lives.

Benefits to Sponsors

Sponsors benefit from an association with the Fiveways Artists Group who are part of the internationally renowned Brighton Arts Festival.

Sponsors gain official and creditable involvement with community projects.

Wide media coverage of events helps to promote sponsors businesses.

Sponsor's name and web links appear in over 150,000 Artists Open House brochures, distributed around Britain and abroad.

Sponsors names and web links are displayed on the Fiveways Artists website.

Sponsors receive special invites to the groups Open House Launch Party and to individual artists private views.

A list of all sponsors is prominently displayed on posters in all Fiveways Artists Houses during the Brighton Festival and other exhibitions.

Benefits to the Community

Artists Open Houses add vibrancy and focus to the local community.

Art students may visit and discuss their own projects with practising artists.

Workshops and demonstrations encourage visitors to initiate their own creative potential.

The Fiveways Artists have donated literature and images to the Brighton Museum Archive.

To become a Sponsor

Please supply us with your

  • Business Name
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Please make cheques made out to Fiveways Artists Group

All donations are welcome but to gain all the benefits please consider giving £100 - £350. Thank you.

Please send donations to Sponsorship Secretary:

Diane Rogers
35 Chester Terrace, Brighton, BN1 6GB